Bonus Episode: Video Podcasting is Here

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This is a podcast episode titled, Bonus Episode: Video Podcasting is Here. The summary for this episode is: Video podcasting is officially here! And we're launching it the best way we know actually doing it! Join our very own Lindsay Tjepkema and Adam Patarino to find out exactly what video podcasting is, why we created it, how brands can utilize it, and, of course, the value it creates for you and your audience. Watch or listen whenever and wherever you like!
🎥 Including video podcasting as part of your audience's multimedia experience
01:14 MIN
🤝 Using visuals to enhance human connection
01:27 MIN
🎙 Providing users with a holistic audio and video podcasting experience
01:46 MIN
♻️ Wringing out existing videos into podcasts and other content
01:05 MIN
📈 Creating value for brands by streamlining processes and consolidating tools
00:41 MIN
🔗 Connecting with your audience in the way that they choose
01:02 MIN

Lindsay Tjepkema: Have you ever wished that you could watch your favorite podcast? Or since a lot of podcasts actually have video to accompany their audio, maybe you're actually already watching your favorite podcasts. Well, lucky for you, because we're actually doing something a little different here today on the Casted podcast. In fact, we're doing something a lot different, not only are you able to listen to this episode, you're actually able to watch it. Of course, unless you're already watching, but wait, there's actually more than that because the reason that we're doing things a little bit differently today on the show is because we have something pretty exciting to share about Casted. For today's bonus episode, I've brought in the big guns. That's you. He's one of my co-founders he's our head of product and he is Adam Padrino. Welcome to the show, Adam.

Adam Patarino: Hey everybody.

Lindsay Tjepkema: This is actually the first time we've had a Casted person join as a guest.

Adam Patarino: Oh, very honored. I've also been wondering why it took so long, but that's fine.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Well, we're waiting for you, we're waiting for today. Tell me, what are we talking about? And what's the big news.

Adam Patarino: Well, we are announcing video podcasting.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Hooray. That's super exciting, you know it's exciting, I know it's exciting, but we're announcing this as a new part of our product is the best way that we know how is by actually doing it. If you're not already watching, in case you haven't caught on, you can actually watch this video podcast right now. We're huge fans of drinking our own coffee here at Casted. And so in normal times when we would be together. Adam actually fun fact is not only our head of product, but also is like our resident barista so who better to serve as today's guests to share this big news. I want to just jump right in and talk about what exactly we mean by video podcast. I'm just going to sip on my coffee that I'm pretending that you made for me and listen in, as you share.

Adam Patarino: That has been the hard part about going to remote work is when I make coffee for people, that's just a lot of coffee that I end up having to drink. crosstalk. It's just a lot of caffeine lately. Yeah. So video podcasting in Casted is the ability to add, manage and activate your podcast videos in the same way that you would with your audio only podcast.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Very cool. I'm super excited about this because since the pandemic hit, it's been really interesting to see, we've been watching what it's time to not only podcast listenership. And we saw a little bit of a dip, right when things went into quarantine, but people have really found new ways to listen to their podcasts, but also people have gotten a lot more comfortable with video. I mean, anytime you're in meeting, you're on a video. And so we're seeing not only more video meetings, but more video content. And so what are your thoughts here as we see more of an addition into the multimedia experience?

Adam Patarino: Yeah. I mean, for starters, like you said, brands are already recording podcasts as videos, usually because we have to do our interviews with folks over Zoom in order to have a face to face presence in the interview. We have that video component already as part of the recording. This gives us the ability to use that media in the way that we would our audio only media.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Yeah. For sure. And as we're recording live content and I'm recording podcasts all the time, both on the show and then I'm also interviewed a lot and everyone's recording video, whether it's for their podcasts or sometimes just creating video content for social media. And it just seems like such a waste to not use it.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. It's like you have two different workflows right now in marketing where you'll have your audio workflow, you'll have your video workflow. And the whole idea behind being able to create a video podcast is combine that workflow in Casted. You have both from the same place and it's a lot easier to spin out your clips. It's a lot easier to spin out additional marketing material from the asset itself. Yeah.

Lindsay Tjepkema: For sure. And we've actually talked a lot too about how video really was the gateway to the connection that we often talk about for podcasting. Tell me a little about your thoughts there.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. I mean, for example, when you're watching this, you're getting to see that we're drinking out of our podcast mugs. And there is a certain type of connection. We're both wearing Casted shirts. There's these little Easter eggs that you get in the experience of watching it. And there's something about being visual. We're very visual people. So getting to hear someone's voice and connect it with their face, it creates this kind of connection with another human that I think is A, really special, but it's also a really great way to connect with a brand, to connect with an expert depending on what you're listening to or watching a podcast for.

Lindsay Tjepkema: For sure. And you know obviously I talk about all the time, we talk about it all the time is using conversations to fuel connection and videos are such a great medium for that. And in Casted we focus on podcasting for a lot of reasons, but we certainly don't ignore other mediums. We're talking about them all the time and how there's value in every channel and how when you start with a conversation that expert voice can really be wrung out and amplified across other channels to really create a flywheel of content. And so one that I'm actually stealing from one of our guests and one of our fabulous customers, Meg Johnson at OpenView, she talks about the content carousel all the time and how, if you're doing it right, people can join you in one place and then really absorb and consume more and more of your content as they go. I'm super excited about this launch. I think I've said that a few times already, but I want to dig deeper into something that you've already touched on, which is using videos as more of a heart part of a holistic podcasting strategy. It shouldn't be more work. Tell me how Casted is making video podcasting easier and even more accessible for the brands that we work with.

Adam Patarino: Yeah, absolutely. When you login to Casted, it's basically the same experience when you want to use video as is with audios. You'll be able to upload your files for each Casted just like you would normally. And so that'll show on landing pages as it would with a great video player there so people can listen to the audio alone or watch the video and follow along. It'll also be included in any embedded players that you put on your own website, whether that's on a page or in a post. Another really cool thing is we're creating audiograms for the audio portions. And if you have the video related to it, you'll actually be able to use that video in what we're tweaking the name to be called videograms. Very clever.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Very clever.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. And then just in general, being able to add manage video from additional places we're working all the time on different integrations. To be able to pull files in, to be able to post files other places, of course, you'll also have full suite of analytics. The same way that you're able to track your performance of your regular podcast, you'll be able to see how is your video performing, maybe even relative to how the audio is performing. If I have a video embed in one place and an audio and embed somewhere else, what are the differences? Does that video show longer engagement? Does it show more engagement? Am I collecting more leads from people who get to watch the video version? It's a really exciting case study on the human connection to video versus audio.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Yeah. And people are talking about that a lot as you know, which is more effective audio or video or videos are better than podcasts. And I don't think there's any one size fits all. it's different for every brand. It also depends on the content that you have and what you're doing in those videos or those podcasts. And so see what works for you. And this gives people the opportunity to try more things and to test different things and see what works best for their audience and for their content. That's great. Well, let's talk about what it all looks like in practice. Let's talk about like a use case per se. Let me know how this works in the Casted platform and how brands can use it in their strategies.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. That's a great question. Imagine you have a brand that has maybe a video interview series, or they've recorded a couple webinars with some experts. This is a great opportunity to turn that content into a podcast, as well as be able to serve that video and audio experience anywhere in your marketing collateral. Not only can you take this webinars series and wring it out into a podcast, where people can then absorb that content in other places while they're on the go for example, but you can also still use it and repurpose it and cut clips out of it and then share it on social to re-engage with that content. That's a great example of someone who maybe isn't a podcast first yet, but definitely has assets that can be recreated and repackaged. That's one of the key, I think use cases that we've thought about is, is how do we get more people into podcasting? And this is a really great opportunity to do that.

Lindsay Tjepkema: We've seen, I mean, it's been a thing all along, but I think especially this year, people have been doing more video and publishing in the more places. And it's again, like we talked about earlier, why would you just let that go to waste when there's so much more that you can do with it, not just for the sake of more content, but to actually get more value, get more return on effort and to really get more engagement with your audience from those expert perspectives that are shared in those interviews. Tell me more about specific use cases with customers that we'll be able to share shortly. Like in, I guess you consider this an exclusive tip, if you've listened this far. We've talked about the what, the why, the how, but let's really get deliberate and actually spell out the value of the product for marketers. I have my own thoughts but I want to hear yours.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. I think one of the big things that stands out to me is that we're streamlining two different processes into one. And just like we talked about earlier, it's typically two different workflows. And even if you produce your videos and just rip the audio off of that, if you wanted to create audio clips and then you wanted to create video clips, you often need different tools or maybe you even have like an agency or a whole media team that you're sending these things out to, to create these like digestible clips that you can share on social and across the web. And Casted makes that a lot easier for everyone to be able to do as a marketer in house without having any of that extra set of hands or that extra team.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Yeah.

Adam Patarino: I think second, the impact of incorporating metrics on top of your metrics, being able to see video versus audio, being able to see how clips are bringing people into this media is going to be huge. I think we have a lot of video platforms that simply tell you where people, how many people listen to where they dropped off, but being able to understand how these pieces of content led to lead generation and how they actually impact your marketing funnel. I don't think anyone's done that yet. And I'm really excited for Casted to be able to offer that value to marketers.

Lindsay Tjepkema: I know. It's so exciting. I know I'm so excited about it because there are, and we've seen this in podcasting where there are parts of the puzzle. There's tools that do things, there's resources that measure things, but not in a way that pulls it all together. And not in a way only pulls it all together for B2B marketers and being able to move into this space where it says, okay, how about the video components too, even just with video podcasting and starting there and seeing the impact that it's making and seeing how, as you're mentioning earlier, how they play off each other with the audio and the video. How do they work together, how they work separately. That's super exciting. Not only is it giving marketers more to measure and more to understand about what the effectiveness of what they're doing, but it's also saving time. It's helping them be more effective, which all the marketers know that are listening is something that they're always looking to do.

Adam Patarino: Yeah, totally.

Lindsay Tjepkema: I also think a huge value add is I talk about connection all the time. We talked about it earlier. And in a world that we are on Zoom right now, you and I are on a Zoom meeting right before this, we're all Zoom fatigued, but I still find so much value in seeing people's faces on video. And I know I'm not alone. It just makes a big difference, which is why we keep at it, even almost a year into this thing. And there's moments though, where all you want is audio because you get up and you get to go do something else and you get to consume that audio content while you're washing the dishes or mowing the lawn, or maybe soon when you're shoveling snow. But it's just nice being able to have that option and being able to connect with your audience and having that audience be able to connect with you in the way that they choose and being able to deliver that, that choice to your audiences is big.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. I think letting your audience choose how they want to consume your media is really, really important. I think you see a lot of podcasts that do this already back in the day with Joe Rogan, before he was Spotify exclusive. There was a massive audience for just his YouTube show and there was a massive audience for just his audio and being able to find your customers where they are is really big.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Yeah. For sure. And it's nice to be able to offer that option to your audience. And then in the way that now we're saying audio, and then that audio can fuel your other thing, your written content. And now you also have the ability to add video to the mix. It's exciting. Thanks for being here. It's good to see you.

Adam Patarino: Yeah, of course. Same.

Lindsay Tjepkema: And to hear you, and it's exciting to share this news. Thanks for building it and thanks for sharing it here with me today.

Adam Patarino: Hey, it wasn't me that built it. There's just a couple people on the team that actually do the actual work, but I'm happy to take credit for it and be the face of it, literally this time.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Thanks Casted crew.

Adam Patarino: Yeah.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Thanks. We'll talk to you soon. We'll see you soon.

Adam Patarino: Yeah. Before I let you go, though, I do just want to mention that I didn't have confetti for that portion where we threw confetti. I just threw tortilla chip.

Lindsay Tjepkema: And now your dog is very excited.

Adam Patarino: She literally wants to come eat the tortilla chips.

Lindsay Tjepkema: It's all about being resourceful and improvising.

Adam Patarino: They're a little stale, but delicious.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Cool. Well, thanks for sharing this news with me. Go let your dog get your tortilla chips and I'm going to clean up, make my kids clean up my confetti. Who am I kidding? They're not going to clean it up, but thanks for sharing this with me. And can't wait to hear what all of our customers think.

Adam Patarino: Agreed. Talk to you soon.

Lindsay Tjepkema: Bye.


Video podcasting is officially here! And we're launching it the best way we know actually doing it! Join our very own Lindsay Tjepkema and Adam Patarino to find out exactly what video podcasting is, why we created it, how brands can utilize it, and, of course, the value it creates for you and your audience. Watch or listen whenever and wherever you like!

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