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Creating the Right Content for the Right Channel with ZoomInfo’s Sam Balter

This is a podcast episode titled, Creating the Right Content for the Right Channel with ZoomInfo’s Sam Balter. The summary for this episode is: <p>ZoomInfo's Director of Media Content, Sam Balter, joins Casted's Senior Customer Success Manager, Katie Nehrenz to discuss his shift from audio to video podcasting and how a "social-first" approach can strengthen your social media presence.</p><p><br></p><p>Key Takeaways:</p><p>🧟 02:05&nbsp;-&nbsp;03:25 Zombie Apocalypse: How Sam and Katie will survive it.... or not</p><p>🎙 04:37&nbsp;-&nbsp;06:49 How Sam got started in podcasting</p><p>📣 10:15&nbsp;-&nbsp;13:45 Why YouTube is an important element to your video podcast strategy</p><p>💡 21:32&nbsp;-&nbsp;24:56 Matching the voice and tone to your different social channels</p><p>👏 30:04&nbsp;-&nbsp;34:43 Teamwork: How Sam's team structure helps them deliver amazing content</p><p>📊 36:04&nbsp;-&nbsp;37:46 Q&amp;A: What's the most interesting content marketer data to you, and why?</p><p>🗝 39:01&nbsp;-&nbsp;41:58 Q&amp;A: As a small team, how do we take a crawl, walk, run approach to this? What's most important as you begin?</p><p>😅 42:25&nbsp;-&nbsp;48:32 Q&amp;A: Why do you think some brands are still reluctant to get into podcasting?</p>