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Episode 51  |  15:15 min  |  01.11.2021

Bonus Episode: Video Podcasting is Here

This is a podcast episode titled, Bonus Episode: Video Podcasting is Here. The summary for this episode is: Video podcasting is officially here! And we're launching it the best way we know how...by actually doing it! Join our very own Lindsay Tjepkema and Adam Patarino to find out exactly what video podcasting is, why we created it, how brands can utilize it, and, of course, the value it creates for you and your audience. Watch or listen whenever and wherever you like!
Takeaway 1 | 01:14 MIN
🎥 Including video podcasting as part of your audience's multimedia experience
Takeaway 2 | 01:27 MIN
🤝 Using visuals to enhance human connection
Takeaway 3 | 01:46 MIN
🎙 Providing users with a holistic audio and video podcasting experience
Takeaway 4 | 01:05 MIN
♻️ Wringing out existing videos into podcasts and other content
Takeaway 5 | 00:41 MIN
📈 Creating value for brands by streamlining processes and consolidating tools
Takeaway 6 | 01:02 MIN
🔗 Connecting with your audience in the way that they choose