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Episode 6  |  29:34 min  |  05.12.2021

Changing the World of B2B Marketing with Terminus' Jillian MacNulty

This is a podcast episode titled, Changing the World of B2B Marketing with Terminus' Jillian MacNulty. The summary for this episode is: <p>This week, Jillian MacNulty discusses multimedia content and how it fits in everywhere. Jillian is the Content Marketing Manager at Terminus, where she has a video series, The Roof. This series was born during the pandemic to help bring back polished video content combined with an authentic speaking element, to grab people’s attention. Listen now to learn how Jillian has built not only a community and audience, but a fan base, and how she made a climbing into a dumpster a successful video!</p><p><br></p><p>Key Takeaways:</p><p>06:54 - 07:34 <span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">🔥 How Jillian Decided to Get in a Dumpster</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">12:31 - 12:52 😌 Stay Humble, Continue to Improve</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">15:54 - 16:40 🎥 The Terminus Cinematic Universe</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">17:26 - 17:55 🚀 Brand Drives Demand</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">19:21 - 20:29 🤝 Middle Ground for Podcasting and Video</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">20:58 - 21:33 😎 Common Ground in Community</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(66, 75, 90);">24:31 - 25:48 🔆 Advice From Jillian</span></p>
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Jillian MacNulty

|Content Marketing Manager