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Episode 1  |  38:46 min  |  04.14.2021

The Waterfall Effect: How Podcasting Generates Scalable Content with Tobe's Jared Sanders

This is a podcast episode titled, The Waterfall Effect: How Podcasting Generates Scalable Content with Tobe's Jared Sanders. The summary for this episode is: <p>Welcome to season six of the Casted Podcast! In episode one, we chat with Jared Sanders, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Tobe Agency, about how starting your marketing strategy with a podcast can generate endless content. Jared's passion for creating podcasts for clients at Tobe Agency shines through during this conversation that dives deep into the value of podcasting as a marketing tool, and why you shouldn't be afraid to give it a try. </p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Key Takeaways:</p><p>🌊 03:42-05:45: Generating scalable content through podcasting</p><p>ğŸ‘©â€ğŸŽ“ 09:57-11:33: How to focus your podcast marketing strategy</p><p>✅ 12:11-13:43: Why adding podcasts to your marketing strategy is easier than you think</p><p>💡 14:34-16:03: Making your content as discoverable as possible</p><p>💰 17:47-19:11: How to define "success" in B2B podcasting</p><p>🗂 22:17-24:02: How podcast networks can help your business</p><p>ğŸŽ§ 25:09-26:45: How do you get into a podcast network?</p><p>🗝 33:06-34:43: Advice for people wanting to start their own podcast</p><p>🚸 36:48-37:47: How Tobe (and Casted) can help with your podcast</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Related Resources:</p><p>Tobe Agency's Website: https://www.tobeagency.co/</p><p>Jared Sanders on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaredsanders/</p>
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Jared Sanders
Co-Founder, Creative Director at Tobe
Jared is head of creative at Tobe (pronounced TohBee) Agency. He is responsible for conceiving and developing creative strategies that use videos and podcasts as the primary medium. Jared is also a podcast evangelist. And believes that every business or brand should have a podcast.
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